702 Temple St.
Mason, MI 48854
Phone: 517-883-5079
FAX: 517-659-6151

Welcome to TheraVET. Our new facility opened September 4th to serve your pets’ needs. The focus of TheraVET is to provide awesome one-on-one service for your furry family member. We accept pets of all ages and work with you to provide a plan to give them the best life possible. For our younger patients, we provide general wellness care, vaccinations, parasite control, diet and exercise consultation, referrals to groomers and trainers, and discussion of what to expect in the future based on breed. For our more mature patients, we offer pain relief , weight management, laser therapy, digital x-ray, in-house labwork, as well as general wellness care to make sure their “golden years” are wonderful.

We integrate modern and holistic medicine in our practice. We offer Laser Therapy, diet planning, nutrient based pain relief, hydrotherapy, and acupuncture, as well as the most current and safest prescription products available. All to help your pet feel better. When the time comes when we need to say “good-bye”, mobile hospice care is available.

For our equine owners, we offer in-house and mobile Laser Therapy . We also offer in-house acupuncture and digital x-ray. We will work with MSU or any equine practitioner to reduce the cost and time of recovery and get your equine athlete back in the ring.

Come visit us at our new location :
702 Temple St
Mason , MI
Right next to the Ingham County Fairgrounds.

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