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Hydrotherapy involves the use of water for pain-relief and treating ailments. It also is great for overall fitness. The buoyancy of water offers a low impact workout. Animals can recover up to 60% faster from surgery or injury using hydrotherapy vs. other methods. It allows for earlier start times, increases blood flow to the injured area, adds compression to the swollen limb, and helps with overall muscle strength and endurance.

Dogs with arthritis require exercise to keep joints mobile. Hydrotherapy provides a non-impact , pain free means of activity. The water prevents edema of lower limbs and actually soothes neurologic pain . It also is calming and even fun for the pets once they become accustomed. The skin benefits from increased circulation and neurologic stress is reduced. Muscles are allowed to bear weight and grow without weight bearing. Water resistance is 20 times that of air.

Dogs’ circulatory system is improved through better circulation, especially from distal limbs. Swimming is an amazing aerobic exercise, building endurance and energy. The warmth of the water and flow dilates vessels, removing toxins and delivering nutrients to every system. Metabolism improves and hormones regulate better. Respiration improves by utilizing deeper lung tissue.

Hydrotherapy can be used for the following conditions and more:

  • arthritis
  • post-operative recovery
  • muscle stiffness or atrophy
  • weight loss
  • spinal injury
  • calming via hydro-massage
  • chronic pain
  • general sports/hunting conditioning

We are scheduling Saturday sessions and will be scheduling more during the week as popularity grows.

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